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Create Meaningful Decor With This Easy DIY Wall Art

by Kara Dulin

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Pebble art creations have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. I mean, really, what’s not to adore about these easy DIY wall art projects? They’re imaginative, economical and project a simple kindness and love among family or friends. And what better way to flex your creativity muscles than with a little help from Mother Nature?

Think this is out of your creative reach? Well, that’s just nonsense. Not only is this project worthy of your time and exploration but it also is something that kids as young as toddlers can participate in. Children love to both go on scavenger hunts and be outside with us exploring nature and all her beauty. Guide little ones to find materials and create a special scene while you take the lead assembling with tools like hot glue guns or scissors. This can be an easy yet memorable experience for both you and the little ones that you love.


What I love most about this project is that you can create your artistic image for anyone – your spouse, a best friend or even a beloved teacher. The end result is a beautiful and unique reflection of your relationship together and the connection you have to one another.

Natural Elements


Head outside and gather stones, pebbles, driftwood, moss or small branches from a tree such as a pine. If you aren’t able to find adequate pieces you can also use dried flowers, decorative moss or smooth pebbles.

Now that you have the natural elements to build your art scene, be sure to collect the tools you’ll need to arrange into a darling artistic expression. Items like scissors, white card stock and this hot glue gun that we personally love to use, are sufficient for this DIY . In this piece I’ve also selected an ink pad and stamped inspirational phrase.


Arrange your scene ahead of time on top of your chosen card stock. Once you’re satisfied with placement, hot glue each piece into place. Be careful not to touch the metal tip of the glue gun with your hands or fingers. In our scene, I used a small piece of driftwood as a sitting place for the two subjects and then surrounded it with greenery.

Arrange and affix pieces with hot glue

If you’re feeling particularly creative grab a pencil and draw stick arms or legs to give your pebble people life. Trace over the pencil with a fine black marker for deeper saturation. You can add whimsical elements like a fishing rod or a shooting star, and then color them in as desired.

Now that you have the fundamentals down and you understand which tools are needed, you’re ready to visualize future projects. As special events approach, you can use what’s happening around you for additional inspiration. Observe your surroundings and choose creative elements to complement your design. Maybe a new season is upon you or you’ve just returned from a memorable vacation with family. Draw upon your experiences together to effortlessly create these easy DIY wall art projects.

Mother and Child: “Believe In Your Dreams”


I chose to add some movement by affixing a small rock across both figures to illustrate a slight embrace. Other final touches to consider are the use of a mat or frame. You may also need to trim greenery or erase pencil marks.

I finalized my mother and daughter creative project with a hand stamped message: “Believe in your dreams.” When my own daughter came home from school and saw this she was inspired to create one of her own, together. How beautiful it was to make space both for each other and nature.

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For more creative ideas of how to get the most out of your time spent outdoors, check out my blog post: “6 Unique Ways to Connect With Nature.” And if you’d like to see a “how to” video of these easy DIY pebble art projects just comment below. Otherwise, be sure to share your finished work with us!


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Robyn Milora December 8, 2019 - 12:15 am

What a terrific idea! I love the natural elements in this piece (as well as the sentiment). I’m sure any child will enjoy creating something similar to share or give to a family member or friend.


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