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How to Find Wellness within the Root Chakra

by Kara Dulin
how to find wellness within the root chakra

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Last year I participated in a healing women’s circle located about 20 minutes north of Boston. Led by three deeply passionate and experienced wellness professionals, we learned how to find wellness within the root chakra. We accomplished this by using gentle movement, guided meditation, a sound bath and many more supportive elements. The evening was absolutely magical and I’m incredibly excited to share it with you here. (Before reading further, be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post and click on the “Yoga and Meditation” playlist – you’ll be happy you did!).

Upon arrival we were greeted by organizers Mari Leckel and Megan O’Neill of Boston Birth Associates and Janet Williams of House of Healing . Next, we were escorted into the practice space illuminated with twinkling lights and an essential oil diffuser on high. Meditative music filled the room which was outlined with yoga mats, large bolsters, soft eye masks and cozy blankets. In the center, surrounded by fresh flowers, lay an array of crystals, essential oils, home made chocolate and oracle cards. It was evident that we just arrived to a very special place and time.


We began the healing circle by sharing our experiences and reasons for attendance. We embraced the opportunity for self care and open mindedness. And what followed over the next two hours resulted in a gentle yet invigorating detox for both mind and spirit.

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.
Ma Jaya Sati

We moved through a slow flow practice of poses to help us learn how to find wellness within the root chakra. We listened to our bodies and moved them in ways that they needed rather than by following a prescribed set of movements. Bolster usage opened up both our body and our chakras allowing energy to ebb and flow freely.

Mari, a reiki master and certified yoga instructor, led us through each pose while Megan, a reiki instructor, prepared to guide us through a powerful meditative experience.  We began in supported fish pose on individual bolsters wrapped with blankets and eye masks. The guided meditation focused on the energy and powers that lie within the root chakra, also known as Muladhara


Muladhara, or the root chakra, symbolized by the lotus flower and the color red.


The root chakra is the first in a series of seven chakras, or energy sources, that lie within the human body. The energy within the root chakra is based on the earth element which is often times associated with a grounding sensation as well as feelings of safety and peacefulness. This chakra exists at the base of our vertically held chakra system and creates the foundation for your life to experience mindful expansion through the opening of your remaining chakras. There exists a tremendous amount of both modern and historical information on the chakra system and you can source that information either in your local library or on the internet to learn more about how the chakras affect and impact your life.

Now that you’ve explored a bit more about the chakra system you may be wondering how to find wellness within the root chakra itself. As our group continued, Megan spent about 25 minutes guiding us over a series of mountains and other natural elements aligning her narrative in ways that helped us to become more familiar with the color, energy and intention of the root chakra. As we continued to retreat deeper into ourselves and our minds, the next experience promised even further physical, mental and spiritual release.


Megan concluded her guided meditation and we all lie still, peaceful, and ready for healing. Both Mari and Megan began quietly administering energy healing through a series of reiki movements while Janet began delivering sound baths to each of us. The sound bath is where I personally felt my greatest energetic shift.

Tibetan sound bowls.

If you’ve never heard of or tried a sound bath be sure to put it on your bucket list! This experience set itself apart from the rest and left each attendee with the same results: a unique, healing and intensely therapeutic moment brought on by high vibrational tones as the bowls moved towards, away and around you while you lay in a state of perfect peacefulness. It was truly transformative for everyone!

Closing out the evening, we arrived back to a state of total consciousness to find oracle cards and Jasper, a root chakra supported crystal, at our feet. We explored the meaning of our individual cards and were offered time to journal about our experience and intentions going forward. This was a really nice way to end the evening and assist us as we transitioned from a state of peacefulness and solitude back to our busy, modern lives as women in society.

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I feel fortunate to have access to such supportive, creative and professional women. With their intention to create ongoing healing circles for women, I now have a reliable resource for both an emotional and a spiritual reset. We live in a hyper-connected and over-scheduled environment and this experience alone has reinforced the critical importance of self care. However, I couldn’t have reached that conclusion if I didn’t have immediate and lasting effects from that evening. How did this experience bring about positive change in my life? And how can it do the same for you, too?

I left that evening feeling light, peaceful and energetically cleansed and this was a feeling that persisted for days. As life began to shift, I found that I was able to access those feelings less and less. However, I used my experience as inspiration to define a way to find healing on my own. To start, I used Tibetan music to create a serene environment. Essential oils, a dim room and a place to rest comfortably led me to quiet meditation. It became clear that I did learn new techniques for self care and I was able to achieve them.

If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything; it is open to everything. In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities; in the experts mind, there are few. 
Sunryu Suzuki


So, what does this mean for you? And what if you are unable to locate local resources? Or the thought of contorting in a public group setting makes you feel uncomfortable? There are solutions! You can create your own circle with other like minded women or you can find healing on your own. You can find wellness within the root chakra according to your own level of comfort.

I’ve put together some resources for you to try in the comfort of our own home. You can design your private healing circle with a variety of props to assist you on your energy cleansing and healing journey. All of these suggestions are meant to encourage focus, inward reflection and a quiet mind. Namaste!

Essential Oils         Crystals          Sound Bowls       Yoga Bolster       Oracle Cards



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