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by Kara Dulin

When diving into new products or experiences, we all like to know if others have come before us. What was their experience? Do I trust them? Are our values similar? These are important questions to ask.

On my blog you’ll find many recommendations and partner links to products or services which I fully support and recommend. I either have first hand experience, consulted with wellness experts or have done my research ahead of an upcoming purchase. I believe so strongly in the benefits of what I recommend that I have chosen this platform as a way to share with all of you!

From art to DIY and non toxic living, I make shopping easy for you and your family. In my Amazon shop, you’ll find everything you need for DIYs as well as general wellness tools and accessories. In my Etsy shop, you’ll find finished fiber art items and other creative inspiration. And in my natural living shop, you’ll gain access to hundreds of non toxic home and personal care products.

These shops will continue to evolve so be sure to visit frequently. For now, you can click on the graphics below to get started.

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